Friday, September 26, 2008

Update finally,

So I’m lame with updating my blog. There are some things I have to document that happened this summer. Tanner had a birthday in July. The big 13!!! He’s finally a teenager. He doesn’t seem like it to me. He’s still my little boy. Doesn’t fit on my lap very well, but I still like to think that’s where he belongs. So far the “teen thing” with him hasn’t happened yet. Wishful thinking that it won’t ever happen. With my oldest boy, the swing away from being a rational human being didn’t start until year 14. That was a tough year for all, but I think I became a better Mom for it. I learned what hills to fight for, what battles were worth it and what had to be left to “life experience”. Tanner is still a “home body” and likes to hang with his family. I know, I know, enjoy it while it’s here, cuz it aint lastin’ for long.
Tanner spent his birthday in California with his dad, I heard it was a great day with lots of friends and presents. So, In honor of Tanner’s 13th birthday way back in July here are 13 great things about Tanner.

1. He’s never mean, I’ve never seen him tease or pick on anyone! Even his little sisters! (That’s HUGE! I had to make that #1)

2. He makes good choices in friend’s, I’ve never had to questioned the kinds of kids he hangs out with. They have always been good kids.

3. He takes out the garbage and feeds the dog every time I ask, but he does like to negotiate about putting in the clean garbage bag.

4. Tanner always works hard in school. And this does not come easy for Tanner because of his Dyslexia, but he always tries harder than most kids I’ve seen.

5. He is very athletic. Tanner isn’t really into any particular sport but always seems to do them naturally on the first try.

6. As one of Tanner’s Saturday chores, he will take Ella to the park and watch her for an hour. That will free me up to accomplish a lot of my Saturday work. That is a big help!

7. Tanner likes to tell me about what is going on in his life. It may be a television show he’s watching or something about his friends at school, he likes to keep me up on whatever is going on with him or on his mind.

8. He is fair. It’s sad, but you can see such a huge effort on his part to keep things fair between his father and myself. I don’t know how to release him from that burden, but I recognize how hard he tries to keep it up!

9. He loves Dave Matthews Band! The kid has great taste in music.

10. He takes Ella out of Sacrament Meeting so that I can sit and enjoy! It’s kind of a Win / Win situation for both of us.

11. He could care less if he has expensive clothes. Target or Walmart do just fine for him as long as the clothes are comfortable.

12. He gets sarcasm! I need that! He has a wicked sense of humor and I love it!

13. The best for last! He’s my little boy! He always will be and I’m sure this is the last year he’ll be shorter than me, but he will always be my “little boy.” I’m sure more than anything that his little spirit was picked just for me and just the right time because he is what was needed in our family! I can’t imagine life without him and love that our family is special just because he is in it!

Loved the debates tonight! Don't get me wrong, I still screamed..... no, no "spoke in a firm tone"at the television a few times.... but I love this stuff!!!!

Weston also had a birthday and Ken and I celebrated an anniversary this summer but that will have to be the subjects of the next blogs. I have to spread the love....


julie said...

Tanner is a GREAT kid! He's handsome too. Glad to see that you updated your blog.

Andrea said...

He's a cutie and he sounds like a great kid.

Mamarazzi said...

my daughter just turned 13 in August. she is a great kid and not acting like a total i am enjoying it!

thanks for stopping by my blog. come by as often as you like, i love making new bloggy friends!

Kellie and Stephen said...

Tanner sounds like a wonderful kid, but you're right it sounds like teenager is just around the corner so enjoy every moment while he's still sweet!

Liz - Jess said...

Oh, what a sweet post?? But is it any wonder that he is athletic? He is a Monks you know! :-)

Gibson Family said...

You have a darling family! You seem like such an amazing Mommy too!

Zach and Nikki said...

What a great way to get to know how great a kid he is! I love it when people post about members of their family like this!

HammondFam said...

That was such a sweet post - you are such a great mommy. He is just as lucky to have you as you are to have him!